Players must Predict the final result of the 20 pre-selected football fixtures by choosing either a home win, an away win, or a draw. The main game has either a £5.00 or £2.50 entrance fee per entry. A maximum of 12 Home wins can be selected per game. The individual leagues have an optional entrance fee chosen by the league owner, starting from £2.50. The Jackpots are paid out to any player correctly predicting 20 out of 20 results. The Player(s) with the highest number of correct results when all final results are confirmed, win the Prize Pot. The Prize Pot will be distributed equally if more than 1 player wins. The £5.00 Main game prize pot is split between the players in the top 3 positions and shared out 70%, 20% & 10% respectively to the players in the final 1, 2 &3 positions. Players can join individual games with friends using the league name and password shared between friends. Live Standings tables can be used to check players positions and live results during all games. A player’s own predictions can be viewed at any time and every other player’s predictions become available to be viewed once the entry deadline has passed and no more entries can be made. Players can take part in multiple leagues with friends and also play in the main game. All selections must be made before the Deadline of 1 minute before kick off of the 1st game in the completion. Any entries made after the deadline will not be accepted and the entrance fee will not be taken. If a match is abandoned for any reason, it will be removed from that session and the results of the remaining fixtures will still count. Fixtures will take place on weekends and also week days covering the UK domestic leagues and cups as well as international fixtures. PredictABall will display results and credit Player’s wallets within 72 hours of a round being complete. PredictABall will deduct 10% operating fees from the pot before the pot is paid to the winning player/players. All other details available in Terms & Conditions.